Chrisanda Button & Rickie Sterne – Trip Report:

“Okay, Kasawari Lembeh Resort is a chic boutique (thus Undercurrent, February 2007). The beautiful young Indonesian woman who met us at the airport in Manado assured us ‘We pamper our guests.’ Our experience at KLR validated her assertion. However, KLR is also a top-shelf dive operation. The operation participates in the pampering…

Divers descend easily from the dressing area to the briefing shed to the boats via terraced wooden walks. The boats, which carry six divers, are set-up like mini-liveaboards. Each diver is assigned a gear station with under bench storage basket, and tanks are filled on the boats. The staff carry our cameras in their crates to the boat for each dive…

Entry into the water is by giant stride. We were instructed to hand up our gear before ascending the boat’s ladder at dive’s end.

KLR is a compact resort that does not feel crowded. Our deluxe villa was spacious, truly lovely, and planned for divers….I enjoyed the settee on the porch of our villa, where I could enjoy a view across the strait. KLR provides exceptionally nice linens…The lounge holds a large ID library which we consulted frequently…

We shall return!


Colin – Trip Report:  

We spent the past week diving with the new Kasawari-Lembeh Resort….the resort holds a maximum of 20 people, and has eight ‘villas’, which are small houses surrounding a small central area, and two ‘Kasawari Villas’ with a balcony overlooking the water. The villas are very comfortable and spacious, with tile flooring throughout, and a huge bathroom….There was plenty of storage space in the main area of the villa, with a mini-bar/fridge along with air-conditioning and a ceiling fan…..

The dive operation is quite organized….As far as diving goes…well let’s say it is certainly a joy to only have a maximum of six divers on the boat with two divemasters guiding our dive. We were limited to a maximum of 60 minutes bottom time, but if we were finding lots of critters, the Dames generally led the dive to 70-80 minutes duration. They run the dives just like being on a live aboard….It was truly amazing how the DMs found things…from generally featureless sand and rubble bottoms are finds such as mimic octopus, wunderpus, hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish, banded pipefish, pipehorse, pygmy seahorses, and more….

Would I go back? Absolutely, for many reasons, including the limited size of the resort itself, number of divers per boat per divemaster, and especially the marine life!


Debbie Husby – Trip Report:

This resort is the height of understated luxury. The service, food and staff were outstanding…this is a new resort, built from the ground up for discriminating underwater photographers.

This is a dive resort built by a very talented UWP to his exacting specifications….

The resort was the best run operation I have ever dive with.


Doug Segar & Elaine Stamman – Trip Report:

This is our sixth trip to Lembeh…..Kasawari is a beautiful resort that offers the perfect situation for photographers. The resort is centrally located in the strait, which makes for shorter rides to all the best dive sites on very comfortable boats….

It is compactly laid out so trips to your room, dive shop, camera room, dining and dive boats are mercifully short…..

Nestled between lush tropical rainforest and the local village, you feel safe while still feeling tucked away in an ideal setting….

If you have any doubt about Lembeh diving feel free to visit our website ( to see slide shows of some of the marvelous critters you will encounter. We cannot give any higher recommendation to photographers interested in rare critters than Kasawari – shoot away in luxury!


By Big Jeff (Jeff Davies) – Digital Diver Trip Report:

“ Kasawari is close to Bitung and located to one side of a small fishing village, for those who know Lembeh its just in front of Jahir.

The resort is only a few years old, and like many in the area has been designed primarily with diving in mind. The resort, camera facilities, equipment area and rinse tanks are all set out just about as well as you can achieve and the resort has a well built and ‘solid’ feel to it.

For those who don’t know the area, Lembeh Strait is a muck diving destination. This means most sites don’t have nice coral, big fish or visibility for wide angle. However, living on the black sand and assorted pieces of rubbish (garbage) is an amazing array of interesting and rare animals in a concentration seen in only a few places on the planet. BE WARNED – diving here is very addictive…..

Diving operations – As you can expect from a resort designed for maniac camera divers who want to spend more time under the water than above – huge camera room, Nitrox, good guides, quality operations……


Mel McCombie – Trip

This new resort is a diver’s paradise. The villas are lovely and spacious…

But it is the dive operations that blew our minds. Nus Lobbu, famed DM in Lembeh, is the resort manager and the dive operation is built from the water up to meet every need.

I have never been more pampered on a day boat…As one emerges, a crew member hands you a steaming face cloth scented with lemongrass to wipe the salt off your face; then he offers you cold water and a fruit plate!

This dedicated resort is the best we have ever experienced, luxurious yet aimed at divers. My hat (hood) is off to them.

We shall definitely go back…


Pat Watson – Trip Report:

“This stunning, new addition to the Lembeh Strait resorts opened in August’06. When we arrived, there were only three other divers there, all well know underwater photographers who have been “everywhere”. The consensus was that within a year, you will have to book many months in advance to get a reservation. It is that superior, in every way.”


Sandra Fogarty – Trip Report:

“The diving in the Lembeh Strait is world class. It is a muck diving Mecca. Diving there will not only blow your mind but leave you jaded forever. Contrary to what you might think, the water is not dirty, does not stink and will not make you glow in the dark…. The resort includes eight deluxe and two superior villas. It has a charming and intimate feel to it. All the villas are private with no adjourning walls….Kasawari Lembeh Resort has three very comfortable dive boats….The boats have a very spacious covered area for dry wear, hats, glasses and escaping the wind.

Diving with the dive masters from Kasawari Lembeh resort was a great experience and we certainly appreciated their flexibility with the dive times and the fact that they didn’t start banging away or attempting to make us surface when the clock chimed 60 or 45 minutes…..In short, the Kasawari Lembeh Resort rates a ten on all my scales. It’s the perfect place to enjoy all that Lembeh has to offer….

Kasawari Lembeh resort is a world class resort at a world class diving destination.”


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