Although finding rare critters is easier in Lembeh than in most other dive destinations, the Lembeh Strait is much more than just the renowned muck-diving capital of the world.

If flying gurnards, mimic octopuses, wunderpuses, a large variety of frogfish including the Straited and Painted varieties, pygmy seahorses, fingered dragonets, juvenile batfish, stonefish, Ambon scorpionfish, devilfish, stargazers, bobtail squid, hairy octopuses, blue-ringed octopuses, a large variety of nudibranchs or even Rhinopias, Weedy Scorpionfish and many other elusive creatures that are on your wish list, our experienced and knowledgeable dive-masters are dedicated to ensuring that your dreams become reality.

At Kasawari, we are lucky to have with us some of Lembeh’s legendary and most experienced dive-masters including Nuswanto Lobbu, Ali and Nonsix. Their combined experience from tens of thousands of dives will help to make your diving with us memorable.

Contrary to general perception, the Lembeh Strait also offers excellent wall, reef, pinnacle and even wreck diving (There are three World War II wrecks in the Strait) with good visibility – in fact all within just a few minutes of Kasawari Lembeh Resort.

Densely overgrown reefs and boulders, giant sea fans and soft coral, colorful sponges, schools of jacks, snappers, humphead parrotfish, purple dartfish, leaf scorpionfish, pink squat lobsters and even the remarkable boxer crabs await your discovery. During dusk dives, you will also be able to observe the fascinating mating rituals of mandarinfish.

The more than 30 dive sites of the Lembeh Strait are within easy reached of the centrally located Kasawari Lembeh Resort. The nearest dive site being just a stone throw’s away from our jetty and the furthest 20 minutes. After each dive, guests are whisked back to the resort for a quick shower, a down-load or a change of lens and relax comfortably during the surface interval.

Diving in the Lembeh Strait is year round. The Strait and it’s dive sites is protected by the mountains of North Sulawesi and by the ten-kilometer long Lembeh Island. Conditions for good diving are favorable throughout the year, with water and topside temperatures being cooler between July and September.

Facility Dive

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Roger Steene
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Roger Steene
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The Dive Center
At Kasawari Lembeh Resort, we have combined the conveniences of liveaboard diving with the comforts of being based on shore.

Our diving facility matches the sophistication of the resort. The facilities of Kasawari’s dedicated dive center for pre- and post-diving activities are located right on the waterfront with direct access to our purpose-built jetty. Within the large covered dive center you will find complete facilities including indoor and outdoor showers, separate changing rooms and restrooms, individual dry lockers, gear-up stations and large freshwater rinse tanks for cameras and gear to ensure that your diving experience with us is a memorable and safe one. The first aid and emergency oxygen station are also located within the dive center.

Three specially designed 12-meter dive boats with gear-up benches, emergency O2 supply, easy exit ladder and secure camera storage (each carrying a maximum of 6 divers and 2 guides), together with Grade E breathing air from the hyper-filtration system of our filling station, state-of-the-art membrane Nitrox fill system delivering a constant EAN32, convenient and functional jetty for easy and safe dive entries and exits as well as for ease of boarding dive boats – all combine to facilitate ease of diving for our guests.

For underwater photographers, our dive center boasts freshwater rinse tanks complete with water hoses and low-pressure air-guns to accommodate dozens of cameras. The brightly lit and air-conditioned camera room is located just next to the dive center. The room has 21 individual work-stations with shelves and storage spaces. Each work-station has its own charging outlets fitted with universal electrical outlets that remove the hassle and need for adaptors.

A Typical Day at Kasawari
06.30 am Continental Breakfast with freshly brewed coffee or tea
07.30 am First Dive
09.00 am Main Breakfast
10.30 am Second Dive
01.00 pm Lunch
02.30 pm Either Third Dive or Dusk Dive* or Night Dive**
04.30 pm Afternoon tea and snack
05.00 pm Dusk Dive/Mandarin Dive* or unwind in the beachfront jacuzzi
06.00 pm Night Dive**
07.30 pm Dinner and relax at the bar

Map Lembeh Island

* Currently Mandarin Dive is only available only on Wednesday and Saturday as per agreement among Lembeh Dive Operator

Kasawari’s dive team and our hospitable staff will ensure that your diving holiday with us is relaxed and hassle-free. As there are no long walks back to your villa between dives, you can fully enjoy each surface interval resting on your private deck, unwinding with an after-dive massage, or just enjoy a refreshing dip at the pool.

For underwater photographers, once you’ve downloaded files or changed lenses, the dive crew will ensure that your equipment is safely placed on the boat for your next dive.

Spend a few days with us at Kasawari Lembeh Resort for a personalized and unforgettable dive vacation.

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