What Components Make Good Scuba Dive Trips?

Of course the answer to that question depends on each individual. At Kasawari Lembeh that's just what we're counting on. We are a boutique resort providing specialized attention to your preferences and that is what separates good scuba dive trips from bad. We have expert dive masters who are so familiar with Lembeh Strait that they can always find little hideaways where you can commune with unusual critters and get exceptional photographs or videos. And this attention focused on your satisfaction doesn't end when the boat docks. Our staff strives to meet your needs just as expertly in our resort. Our villas are luxurious and spacious; our environment boasts tropical gardens and lush greenery with wooden decks on each villa to enjoy. Our greatest desire is to make your dream vacation come true. We are looking forward to your visit.

Kasawari Lembeh Resort is a First Class Experience

Divers are focused on their dives and the quality of their underwater experiences. What happens back at their accommodations should only enrich but never detract from that focus. Kasawari Lembeh works hard to insure that your land and sea experiences are complementary creating the scuba dive trips of your dreams. Our dive masters provide the best in muck diving, tailored to your requests. They will guide you to those out of the way places that create the most unexpected memorable photographs and videos. Our villa and surrounding accommodations, plus the staff that run them, make sure your time there is luxurious, relaxing and renewing. Our bedrooms are spacious and beautiful, with an authentic Minahasan flair. The bathrooms are oversized, boasting inside and outside shower facilities. Amenities like hair dryers, CD players, and Internet access insure that you enjoy the most important components of feeling at home. We are a personalized, boutique resort that creates an adventure as unique as you are. Come visit us for your next vacation.



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