Kasawari Lembeh is a Personalized Boutique Diving Experience

A larger group means a more generic diving experience in order to appease everyone. That's the experience that can usually be expected in a Lembeh resort. But a discerning diver looking for individualized attention will be unsatisfied with settling for mass appeal. Kasawari Lembeh was created to provide that unique adventure discerning divers are looking for. We cater to the seasoned videographer or photographer searching for that perfect shot. Our attentive dive masters are so familiar with the waters of the famous Lembeh Strait that they can find that right spot every time.

What to Look for in a Lembeh Resort

You have planned and anticipated your trip all year. You want to bring home memories that last a lifetime. How do you find just the right place to stay in order to make this happen? First, look for a Lembeh resort offering small dives with experienced guides who know the area very well. Next, turn your attention to the accommodations you will be enjoying between dives. Ideally you will find a place that is not too big but is both luxurious and personalized. You want Internet available in your quarters so you can stay in contact back home. You want to stay in the middle of that tropical delight that is Indonesia, with gardens and greenery surrounding you. You want a Minahasan experience, to be immersed in the cultural differences. Kasawari Lembeh has all these features and more. Spend a few minutes looking through our pages at what we offer both in the water and on land, and you will find that we are the perfect choice for a discriminating diver.



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